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Have you ever come across any utility application which isn't Ad-free? Especially News-Apps/Websites.

Well, here I present you the most simplest website which is,

Ps.. There is also Android App if you're interested.

Joseph Lowery, civil rights leader and MLK aide, dies at 98

Lowery, 98, died Friday at home in Atlanta, surrounded by family members, they said in a statement. He died from natural causes unrelated to the coronavirus outbreak, the statement said. Tonight, the great Reverend Joseph E. Lowery transitioned from earth t… [+5277 chars]

$2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill Presents A Reckoning For Libertarians

Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., at the Capitol on Friday, tried to force a recorded vote on the $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill. Massie and other libertarians worry the bill will ruin the United States' creditworthiness. Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call via Getty Imag… [+7025 chars]

NYPD detective becomes first officer to die from coronavirus

An NYPD detective died after contracting coronavirus the first officer to succumb to the disease. The 48-year-old crime fighter, identified as Cedric Dixon, worked in the 32nd Precinct in Harlem, officials said. The 23-year veteran cop passed away Saturday… [+1325 chars]

Trump 'considering quarantine on New York'

Media captionDonald Trump tells reporters he is 'considering quarantine' for some areas US President Donald Trump has said he is considering imposing a quarantine on New York in a bid to slow the spread of the coronavirus. "We'd like to see [it] quarantined… [+1780 chars]

While the Bay Area shelters in place, construction on mansions and luxury condos continues

Local officials say residential construction all of kinds is necessary to address the regions housing crisis. The exemption means affordable housing projects are moving forward, too. San Francisco is experiencing a housing shortage and creating more housing … [+9594 chars]

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