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Hi Cute Hamster here hamster-divulge,

Have you ever come across any utility application which isn't Ad-free? Especially News-Apps/Websites.

Well, here I present you the most simplest website which is,

Ps.. There is also Android App if you're interested.

Comet Atlas could be the brightest comet in decades

Comet Atlas is racing toward the inner solar system, and it could become the brightest comet seen in the night sky in over two decades. The comet, discovered by an observatory designed to protect Earth from asteroids, may even be visible during the day just t… [+5847 chars]

How chronic stress changes the brain — and what you can do to reverse the damage

A bit of stress is a normal part of our daily lives, which can even be good for us. Overcoming stressful events can make us more resilient. But when the stress is severe or chronic for example caused by the breakdown of a marriage or partnership, death in the… [+6590 chars]

In one hour, you could be ready to be a certified AWS cloud services professional

TLDR: For $12.99, this one-hour crash course covering AWS Cloud Essentials is the training needed to effectively manage AWS systems and pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.  The current state of our world is changing hour to hour. And in light of … [+2227 chars]

What designers can learn from Candy Crush's brilliant UX

Consistency Consistency is one of the best ways to get your users comfortable with your product. If they know what to expect from screen to screen it will cut down on confusion. Candy Crush is consistent in its style. Sticking with a bright, playful tone th… [+3179 chars]

Slack wants to let you call Microsoft Teams users (yes, you read that right)

According to a report by CNBC, Slack is working on a method of letting you call people using Microsoft Teams. You know, its biggest competitor. Were working on Teams integrations for calling features, said Slack CEO Stuart Butterfield during a call with RBC … [+1040 chars]

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