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Hi Cute Hamster here hamster-divulge,

Have you ever come across any utility application which isn't Ad-free? Especially News-Apps/Websites.

Well, here I present you the most simplest website which is,

Ps.. There is also Android App if you're interested.

The Pandemic Has Led to a Huge, Global Drop in Air Pollution

This story originally appeared in The Guardian and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration. The coronavirus pandemic is shutting down industrial activity and temporarily slashing air pollution levels around the world, satellite imagery from the European Sp… [+3541 chars]

Open Source Fonts Are Love Letters to the Design Community

Font families can sell for hundreds of dollars. Gotham, a popular typeface used by President Barack Obamas campaign and many others, costs nearly $1,000 to license a complete set of 66 different styles. But The League of Moveable Type, gives all of its fonts … [+3479 chars]

A Rush Back to 'Normal' Would Be the Blunder of the Century

Larry Summers knows a thing or two about economic emergencies. As US Treasury Secretary under President Clinton in the 1990s, he led the countrys response to financial crises arising in Mexico, Brazil, Russia, and Asia. And as economic adviser to President Ob… [+5147 chars]

'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Is the Game We All Need Right Now

I've woken up feeling overwhelmed a lot this month. Between constant push notifications alerting me about the downfall of the economy due to Covid-19, and not knowing when I'll be able to see my friends and family in person again, it's a strange time to be a … [+2556 chars]

The Science of This Pandemic Is Moving at Dangerous Speeds

The Trump administration has made many stumbles in its response to the coronavirus pandemic, but one of the key failures was not having enough kits to test for the pathogen once it appeared in the United States. Instead of accepting kits from other countriesi… [+3674 chars]

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